Tesstimonial - Natalie Hannaford

The Ragdoll kitten, now cat, we bought from Stunning Ragdolls is divine. We went to my 7 year old son and had to content with 2 anxious dogs, but handled it all very calmly. He never bites or scratches us, he just cuddles and seeks to around everyday, just sitting or lying or playing. Our life is definitely the better for having Jarvis. We love him. We can't thank you enough Stunning Ragdolls

Testimonial Cat Blew

He is a very handsome cat, he is very gentle and absolutely stunning to look at. He is a big part of our family and so sweet he rolls on his back for big belly scratches and it is clear he has comes from a beautiful blood line. He's huge and fluffy and wherever he walks, he knows he's the best! - the dyer family


Testimonial - Darren Hodges

I came across Stunning Ragdolls on a web search. This led me to the lovely Nicky, who made follow up calls. Her latest litter were waiting to be seen. running early to greet me. Clean, health and bright eyed. One in particular came up to greet me, "Stephan", now Kevin. That's the one!!!!! Nicky was very generous and took the time to explain and show me the mother. She gave me everything I needed to start. It was totally worth the 2.5 hour drive!! Thanks Nicky!!! ​Darren Hogeboom I picked out boy last week. He is beautiful and well adjusted boy. We felt well supported. And Nicky was a pleasure to do business with. Everything done, nothing too much trouble. I would highly recommend this breeder if you are looking for an adorable ragdoll.

Testimonail - Marj Colsen

I would not hesitate to recommend Nicky to anyone looking to purchase a Ragdoll kitten.

Testimonial - Jenny Geary

I recently purchased a Ragdoll Female Kitten from Nicky of Stunning Ragdolls. Not only is our kitten absolutely lovely she has a wonderful placid, yet playful nature. As well Nicky was great to deal with, very honestly & extremely helpful.